Declining Using the Full-Body Imager When Travelling

  A full-body imager is a tool that produces an image of an individual’s naked body their clothing to search for concealed objects. The qualified people who use this apparatus do not physically remove a person’s clothes or make physical contact with them. Such a device is being used at airports and train stations here in […]

Global Education In Post Pandemic Era

 The pandemic or the upsurge of Covid-19 has not only brought the entire world to its knees but has also impacted education the world over and changed it forever. It has resulted in the closure of schools the world over and 1.2 billion students (Lal 1) are bereft of classrooms globally according to statistics. In […]

Importance Of Essay Writing

An essay is defined as a piece of formal or academic writing developed to support, present, or persuade the reader using specific research evidence. When writing an essay, one presents an opinion on a particular topic by presenting a view supported by relevant evidence, analyzing the topic of discussion, interpreting facts as presented, and establishing […]

Reading And Writing Skills

Reading and writing, both as skills and recreation, form a cardinal component of the very spine of contemporary life and intellectual progress. Our personal, interpersonal, societal, communications and professional sustenance and evolvement are dictated, for the most part, by our verbal competency. The success and impact of communication solely depend on the words we choose […]