Importance Of Essay Writing

Importance Of Essay Writing

An essay is defined as a piece of formal or academic writing developed to support, present, or persuade the reader using specific research evidence. When writing an essay, one presents an opinion on a particular topic by presenting a view supported by relevant evidence, analyzing the topic of discussion, interpreting facts as presented, and establishing new ideas (Warburton., 2020). Essay writing is a fundamental facet of the student’s academic journey as it ensures the development of critical and analytical thinking skills. Many elementary learning institutions argue that essay writing should be reserved for students in colleges and universities. However, essay writing should not be reserved only for college or university students; rather, it should be adopted in the early stages of elementary school and fully integrated into the learning curriculum in these environments.

Essay writing is an integral part of learning as it increases understanding and helps the learning process by demanding from students, amongst other things, to clarify and seek out new ideas and important information that enables them to analyze and provide critical judgment on a certain topic. In doing so, students can develop critical analytical thinking skills that foster creativity and innovation, which promotes out-of-the-box thinking (Green et al.2). Essay writing, therefore, provides the students with crucial skill sets and intellectual capacities essential for future employment.

It is also important, especially for students, as it enables them to learn skills of developing and structuring arguments while at the same time being able to provide evidence that supports their arguments and opinions. Essay writing allows these students to use other research and scholarly arguments in presenting and improving the credibility of the opinions that they present through the essay. Through essay writing, elementary school students can develop the capacity to write lucidly, coherently, and persuasively from an early stage.

According to Redman Peter and Wendy Maples, “Essay writing enables students to build a formal and organized method of writing that passes information without a doubt while allowing the students to organize their thoughts on what they are learning, build vocabulary and develop a distinct writing style” (26). It provided the tutors with a platform from which they can assess and provide feedback on the students’ progress.

Most importantly, however, essay writing enables elementary school learners to practice and perfect certain dexterity which can be transferred throughout their learning and future professional careers. Through essay writing, the students can transfer their knowledge to other writing assignments for successful completion. 

It also improves mastery of oral communication. An increased articulation in writing will spread to the ways that a student talks and thinks. If the students can write cleanly and clearly, it becomes easier for them to do the same in their speeches. This, in turn, translates to the student being a better and smoother communicator each day. Indeed, essay writing carries with it insurmountable benefits for the elementary students, and if adopted in the early stages of elementary school and fully integrated into the learning curriculum in these environments, it can present the students with an opportunity to develop crucial skills that can be adopted and adapted for different situation in their learning and professional careers early on in life. This gives them time and an opportunity to effectively and efficiently hone these skills and master their practical application.  Further, essay writing also develops the oral communication prowess essential in allowing the students to freely and confidently interact with their peers. It involves the improvement of the critical thinking skills of the students that will further develop creativity and innovation crucial for the growth and development of a society.

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