Personal Privacy Essay about the Full-Body Imager

Declining Using the Full-Body Imager When Travelling

  A full-body imager is a tool that produces an image of an individual’s naked body their clothing to search for concealed objects. The qualified people who use this apparatus do not physically remove a person’s clothes or make physical contact with them. Such a device is being used at airports and train stations here in the United States and many other countries. For some people, this is a real problem. These images are being utilized to do standard “virtual strip searches without probable cause.” As such, opponents of this technology allege that these so-called searches are illegal and disregard fundamental human rights (Bello-Salau et al. 664). Most people think that employing a body imager as a standard technique for checking travelers is a malicious infringement of the domain of civil liberties. In other words, this method is violating the rights a U.S. citizen has under the Fourth Amendment. To preserve his or her right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, a U.S. citizen can decline either airport or train security to use full-body imagers when he or she is traveling.

            Since the Fourth Amendment ensures their right to privacy, U.S. citizens traveling through the country can refuse to be searched by security if a full-body imager is used. By using this technology as a precautionary measure, airport and train station security suppose that passengers are criminals even though they might not be (Bello-Salau 667). Most passengers would not want certain aspects of their private lives to be on public display, such as physical abnormalities, genitalia, or prosthetic limbs (Id). Thus, under the Fourth Amendment, passengers would demonstrate a definite, subjective belief of privacy, and society would acknowledge it since evidence of a person being handicapped is something he or she does not want others to know (Klitou 321).

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