Can Reading And Writing Skills Improve Your Life?

Reading And Writing Skills

Reading and writing, both as skills and recreation, form a cardinal component of the very spine of contemporary life and intellectual progress. Our personal, interpersonal, societal, communications and professional sustenance and evolvement are dictated, for the most part, by our verbal competency.

The success and impact of communication solely depend on the words we choose to express or respond.

This analysis intends to explain, sequentially, that two of the absolute basic skills of modern human civilization, viz. reading and writing/verbal competency can massively improve one’s life in most ways that matter.

Superior reading skills equip us with the ability to glean maximum, and sometimes subtextual, meaning from any written content in reasonably minimal time. Our practical life, on a daily, is premised on successful verbal communication (informal or formal) and reading and understanding the everyday written information we come across personally or professionally.

Words, not only articulately written, but also skilfully read, can and do have the massive transformational potential for both personal and larger good. As an absolute rudimentary life skill, reading expands our horizon by making welcome and understood, some of the best verbal creations in human history. 

Reading is the basis for the acquisition of knowledge, for cultural engagement, for democracy, and for success in the workplace (Castles, Rastle, and Nation 1).

Competency in writing is, in much the same way, a prerequisite for contemporary civilizational operation. Written communication, expression, argument, documentation, among other purposes of the written word, rely for an impactful fulfillment solely on the skillfulness of the coveyer’s written expression.

On the personal level, writing as a form of emotional expression is one of the strongest and most lasting; and life, at its very core, is a constant play of emotions and emotional expression in interpersonal relationships, needs the language for emotional deliverance.

Professionally, both as a civilization at the macro level, and as individuals at the micro-level, the world communicates through writing in the latter’s thousands of forms. The skill is primary to the meaningful and successful transmission of thoughts, ideas, and feelings, and is strangely, also hard to come by unless developed and in most cases, learned.

This necessitates a progressive acquisition and refinement of writing skills, no matter the stage of life.

At the very elemental and honest level, when writing skills are associated with the quality of life, like in this essay, quality implicitly connotes happiness/fulfillment/satisfaction quotient of the individual’s life. This is relevant because much before professional and societal expression, we need the said writing skills for our own mental and emotional sustenance- writing for solely personal venting and purgation. A lot that cannot be said or interpersonally expressed can be relieved through personal writing- an act both healthy and emotionally relieving- not to mention uniquely creative.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. Writing allows just the proper recipes of truth, life, reality as you are able to eat, drink, and digest without hyperventilating and flopping like a dead fish in your bed (Bradbury 10).

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